This Year I Rewrite My Novel???Part XXII, “You Will Be Successful!”

That’s what my psychic says.

Seriously, she is a firm supporter of my book and, for that reason, BTW, I am a firm believer in her.

I will keep her anonymous but she has the same name as a semi-precious stone.

It works like that, doesn’t it? You know, people with the semi-precious-stone names?

My psychic also says that my heart chakra is blocked.


But I do love my psychic. I don’t care if she can really see into the future or not.

Why? Because the future she sees for me is beautiful.

Because she’s more convinced of ME THAN I AM. (Or at least I pay her to make me believe that she’s more convinced of me than I am.)

Sometimes, that’s all one needs in life–a lil’ believing.

I am probably the only customer who has ever asked her whether my short story will be published in a second- or a third-tier journal.

I find that to be quite sad.

While there are people that I see every Wednesday waiting in a long line in front of the food bank for stale bread and bags of apples, here, I am making these little arrangements, looking into the future for who else but myself.

And of course, I have that right. Of course, in the end, we are all trying to preserve ourselves.

Some are luckier than others. Some of us are also trying to have a little fun. Some of us may volunteer at the food bank. Some of us may hand out the bag of apples.

I am coming close to the end of what I imagine to be the final draft of my novel.

I’m in final-edit mode, printing and slashing and adding pages. It’s for me the least fun part of writing because everything feels like it needs to be reined in; while in first-draft mode, it’s like watching the horses go wild!

Now, the horses must not be broken but tamed. For fear, that if someone tries to give them apples, they may bite the hand.

How terrifying. Those big horse teeth.

Oh, Amethyst!