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Money Getting, Part XIX

A Verse Digest of P. T. Barnum’s The Art of Money Getting (1880)


we all depend upon the public
we all trade with the public

lawyers, doctors, shoemakers, artists,
blacksmiths, showmen, opera singers,
railroad presidents, college professors

be genuine
give satisfaction
please customers

let the fact be known that you have got it
advertise it in some shape or other

nearly everybody reads newspapers

hundreds and thousands of people
may read your advertisement
while you attend to routine business
many read it while you are asleep

the whole philosophy of life is first sow then reap

the farmer plants his potatoes and corn
sows his grain and then goes about something else
the time comes when he reaps
he never reaps first and sows afterwards

this principle applies to all business
and to nothing more eminently than advertising

advertising is like learning–a little is a dangerous thing

the reader of a newspaper does not see
the first mention of an ordinary advertisement
the second insertion he sees but does not read
the third insertion he reads
the fourth insertion he looks at the price
the fifth insertion he speaks of it to his wife
the sixth insertion he is ready to purchase
and the seventh insertion he purchases

so a man who advertises at all must keep it up
or else the money invested in advertising is lost

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Money Getting is a verse digest of P.T. Barnum’s The Art of Money Getting(1880)