Money Getting, Part VII

A Verse Digest of P. T. Barnum’s The Art of Money Getting (1880)


a man in the right path must persevere

some persons are born tired, naturally lazy
possessing no self-reliance and no perseverance

Davy Crockett said:

this thing remember
when I am dead
be sure you are right
then go ahead

this go-aheaditiveness
this determination
you must cultivate

Shakespeare says:

there is a tide
in the affairs of men
which taken at the flood
leads on to fortune

if you hesitate
some bolder hand
will get the prize

the proverb of Solomon:

he becometh poor
that dealeth with
a slack hand
but the hand
of the diligent
maketh rich

perseverance is but another word for self-reliance

many look on the dark side and borrow trouble
governed by one wind and blown by another

until you can rely upon yourself
you need not expect to succeed

men have met with pecuniary reverses
and absolutely committed suicide

others have met more serious financial difficulties
and bridged them over by simple perseverance

you will see this illustrated in any sphere of life

take two generals
both understand military tactics
both educated at West Point
both equally gifted

one having perseverance
the other lacking it

the former will succeed
the latter will fail

one may hear the cry
the enemy have cannon
then halt every man

he wants time to reflect
hesitation is his ruin
the enemy passes unmolested

on the other hand
the general of pluck
perseverance and self-reliance
into battle with a will

amid the clash of arms
the booming of cannon
the shrieks of the wounded
the moans of the dying

see this man persevering
going on, cutting and slashing

his unwavering determination
inspiring his soldiers to deeds of
fortitude, valor, and triumph

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Money Getting is a verse digest of P.T. Barnum’s The Art of Money Getting (1880)