Short Takes

A bookseller with a killer haircut receives Rhys

“I think people are gradually starting to understand and accept the realness of unreal things,” -Haruki Murakami

Van Gogh’s letters! In translation! Illustrated! How cool is that?

Austen’s in the air: death by cow, “moral compass” or “vicious gossip“? either way, she’s on display!

Looking for a new form? How about the Englynion

What about gift ideas? ’tis the season for book lists: New York Times, The Guardian, & Publisher’s Weekly! What’s that, not enough selection? Well, there’s always Cormac’s typewriter at Christie’s (does it “hold the keys to fine writing?” oh so good, it hurts)

Tell Tale Travels and Fitzgerald’s tax returns

But really, what’s the point of this list? Go Ask Eco

(love to Arts and Letters Daily, The Times, The Guardian, The New York Times and the London Evening Standard)

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot, birthdays! Please start imagining what a fun party we’d have this weekend, with Conrad, Stevenson, Rilke, Rossetti (of course she’s the only one who remembered a gift) and Didion, it’d be a real shin-dig!