Today Is A Great Day To Call A Senator

KR receives support from the Ohio Arts Council, a state-funded arts advocacy and granting agency that supports arts experiences for Ohio residents. In the current budget crunch, the OAC’s resources are projected to be cut. In one version of the budget drafts, the recommended cuts are at 50% of the proposed OAC budget.

If you are an Ohio resident, if you enjoy the experience that KR offers through the journal, programs, website, or newsletter, please take a moment to contact your elected representatives and voice your opinion! Read the release below, and follow up by clicking the links and taking action.


Ohio Citizens Must Act Now to Support the Arts Take Action!

There are now three working versions of the state budget – Executive, House, and Senate. Each scenario is a reduction to the Ohio Arts Council’s budget as compared to the original FY 2008/2009 budget. This is not good news for the arts in Ohio.

We are all aware of the terrible fiscal situation the State of Ohio finds itself. And the Ohio Arts Council already has done its part by sustaining significant administrative and subsidy (grant) cuts through budget reductions in FY 2008/2009 and the initial proposed FY2010/2011 budget. Further cuts will cripple the Ohio Arts Council’s ability to serve the people of Ohio. (Follow the link for ways to act!)

The Conference Committee (composed of three members each from the House and Senate and the Governor) will be working out the final version of the budget in the next few weeks. We need your help NOW. Please take action by contacting your Senator and Representative and the Governor to request that they provide adequate funding to the Ohio Arts Council. Ohio Citizens for the Arts set a goal of $25,000,000 for the Ohio Arts Council appropriation for the FY 2010/2011 budget and we must aim to reach this goal.

Making contact is easy. You can simply type your zip code into the E-Advocacy box above. Click on the Take Action button. You will be clicked through one or two steps that link you directly with your members of the House and Senate, and the Governor. You will compose one message and it will be personalized and sent to all three policy makers. As you compose your message we provide you with talking points to use. Your message will inform your elected officials about why money from the Ohio Arts Council is important to you, your organization and your community and that $25,000,000 is a small investment with a huge return economically, educationally, and culturally.

Making contact in person and by telephone is also very effective. You can find telephone numbers for your elected officials on our website or by calling 1.800.282.0253 to obtain the numbers from the state operator. Making calls to your legislators is easy. An aide will answer the phone. Tell him/her that you are a constituent and would like to leave a message about the funding levels for the arts in the state budget. Let the aide know why grant money from the Ohio Arts Council is important to you, your organization and your community and that $25,000,000 is a small investment with a huge return economically, educationally, and culturally.

Please do your part to make sure your legislators in the House and Senate, and Governor Strickland understand:

The arts mean business to Ohio and contribute significantly to the education of our children.

* The creative industries bring more than $25 BILLION in revenue to the State which contributes to economic competitiveness and recovery for Ohio.
* The creative industries support 231,200 jobs in Ohio.
* The creative industries generate $1.06 billion in state and local tax revenues.
* The arts and arts education contribute to the kind of imaginative thinking, problem solving, skills and innovation that Ohio needs to be competitive in the 21st century global workforce.

As a way to help you better understand the impact of the possible budget scenarios, the Ohio Arts Council has provided a comparison document that shows the possible funding amounts to artists and arts organizations using the final FY2009 grant amounts, and the Executive, House, and Senate versions of the budget. Please take a moment to review the reports, they are sorted by Senate and House district so that you can have full picture of the impact the various budget scenarios mean to you, your organization, and the region: Effects of Budget Proposals. If you would like to see how the Ohio Citizens for the Arts suggested budget goal would affect your grant click here.

Please pass this message on to your trustees, members, colleagues, and other interested individuals and urge them to contact their legislators and the Governor as well. For more resources and talking points visit the Ohio Arts Council’s Making the Case page.

If you have any questions please contact Ohio Citizens for the Arts at 614/221-4064 or Donna Collins at

Proposed For the Biennium FY 2010-2011:
Executive Budget Recommendation (Governor):
FY2010 Subsidy/$7,347,868 Admin/$2,072,545
FY2011 Subsidy/$7,347,868 Admin/$2,072,545
TOTAL for FY2010/2011: $18,840,826

House Budget Recommendation:
FY2010 Subsidy/$9,097,868 Admin/$2,072,545
FY2011 Subsidy/$8,847,869 Admin/$2,072,545
TOTAL: $22,090,827

Senate Finance Committee Recommendation:
FY2010 Subsidy/$5,000,000 Admin/$2,072,545
FY2011 Subsidy/$5,000,000 Admin/$2,072,545
TOTAL: $14,145,090

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