May 17, 2009KR BlogReading

Screen reading update

Ina Howard-Parker’s show Open Book has debuted. Each episode, she travels to a place and explores the literary history behind it (including lots of author interviews).

The Kindle DX was released this week with a bigger screen intended for textbook and newpaper reading. It still has no color display and no video. But it does have a big subway campaign, including ads for color Kindle holders.

Amazon is selling Kindle books at a loss to build up market shares according to Andrew Sullivan. Some books are available for free.

It’s also making book-buying on the iPhone a lot easier as of this week. It seems Amazon is very determined to get this right, it seems.

Unplugged points out that there are places to purchase color Kindles, but not Kindles with color screens.

There is a device for half the price that also has an iPod-esque color exterior, called the COOL-ER by Interead (via Readerville). The BeBook is also in the $200 range, though it is small and still only comes in black and white.

The strangest one I’ve seen this week is the Readius Pocket eReader, which looks like a camcorder that unfolds.

Of course, my favorite eReading device is the Amazon Kindling, on sale on Amazon for only $77. (via Bookfutures)