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Short Takes

The story of twin poets Matthew and Michael Dickman in this week’s New Yorker was an excellent read. The darkest moment is perhaps the best described; the twins realized when they were pre-teens that while their births were almost simultaneous, their deaths may not align. There are some nice (happier) brotherly moments of editing each other’s poems, applying to the same residencies, and growing up together.

Alexander McCall Smith talks about our relationship with fictional characters in the Wall Street Journal: “Lost in Fiction.” (via Readerville)

This is How Social Media Really Works,” a story of the Obamas’ swing set and why putting money into social networking tools may not be the best business decision.

Joseph O’Neill, author of Netherland, reviews The Letters of Samuel Beckett. Levi Asher of Literary Kicks loved this so much, he reviewed the review.

Ron Carlson’s next novel, The Signal, comes out in June.

And finally, I’ll leave you with a little bookstore porn. (via the Written Nerd)