March 8, 2009KR Blog

Short Takes, Beautiful Short Takes

Surely by this point in the week you’ve heard all about Amazon making Kindle books available on the iPhone, and Barnes and Noble purchasing Fictionwise. If you haven’t, Booksquare will catch you up. We focused on tech stuff last week, and I’m just finishing Elaine Scarry’s On Beauty and Being Just, so let’s make this week’s theme beautiful bookish things.

Notebooks of famous writers scanned by Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. (via Readerville)

The New York Times online has an extraordinary interview series called One In 8 Million. So far I’ve listened to the stories of a barber, a suit salesman, and a medical miracle. The photographs are stunning – it’s a beautiful combination of images and oral histories. (via SwissMiss)

Podcasts from The Moth, a nonprofit in New York and L.A. where people tell stories in an open mic setting. Here’s an example from a recent event in Park Slope that’s a video, in case you’re not into podcasts. (via BoingBoing)

Colm Toibin made headlines all week for his interview in The Manchester Review, where he admitted he doesn’t enjoy writing at all (except perhaps when he sells foreign rights, but that emotional high is gone within twenty minutes). The Guardian asks other famous writers if they find pleasure in their work. Gabriel Josipovici argues that pleasure isn’t the essence of writing at all. (via This Space)

Advertising used to be more text- and slogan-based, says Kempt, and these photos from the Life archive are nice evidence. (via NotCom)

Maud Newton posted a photo from Ann Hamilton’s exhibit in the Guggenheim, Human Carriage (thanks, Tyler). After the jump, here are a few more grainy photos from a recent KR visit to the show (including one of cut-up copies of The Kenyon Review).