March 29, 2009KR Blog

Short Takes

A good way to take a portrait of someone is to photograph her bookshelf. You can always fill in the gaps before your shelves are captured on film.

Lots of press this week for the New York Times pay cuts and layoffs. Bad news for the news.

Lots of talk this week about the “unputdownable,” stemming from a piece in the Guardian entitled, “Why Books Won’t Change Your Life.” (Of course, there’s no doubt that books will change the world with the help of salt and William Shatner.)

Early this week was the 50th anniversary of Raymond Carver’s death, which gets all the bloggers thinking.

It’s also the golden anniversary for Strunk and White. (via Readerville) LanguageLog seizes the opportunity to speculate the ways in which Latin may have influenced Strunk.

Some extremely nice book covers from Krisatomic.

I’m only fond of math if we’re talking about word problems.

Here is an example of a powerful punctuation mark.

A tribute to Jazzberry Jam and other crayon colors.