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The Sky Can Never Be Merely a Background

–says Alfred Sisley.

“The point of vision and desire are the same.”

Don’t you always gaze not at the surrounding page but at the words? You desire to know how they will move you.

But then if you read David Markson’s lines surrounded as they are by white space, “it’s a though silence were actively struggling to break in, to contest speech.”

If you read the snow between Laurel Blossom’s words in Degrees of Latitude, you see how “the ample use of white space accentuates the static nature of the writing.”

Or if you travel through Rachel Zucker’s long poems, the white space is where the poet’s mind is at work, holding then discarding ideas as you hold your breath.

If white space is where poems get their quiet, their abysses, I will write so many love letters to the sky.

Dear Sky, I will gaze only upon you tomorrow.

The point of vision and desire are the same…The desire for its celestial ease in the heart… Quiet, rest.