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Performance Short Takes

Sure, New York has all kinds of theater and performance stuff happening, but this year, celebrate Twelfth Night with something other than a Shakespeare revival!

Is that crummy weather in the East tempting you to head to Hawai’i for a little bit of sunshine and surf? Drop by Kumu Kahua Theatre and see “Mainland Education” by Scot Izuka.

The Victory Gardens Playwriting Workshop gets cookin’ in Chicago on January 14–just in time for you to enter the Firehouse Theatre Playwriting Contest Festival!

This June in Valdez, Alaska, one of the greatest playwriting festivals in the U.S. gets underway! The Last Frontier Theatre Festival has workshops, play readings, scholarly presentations, and boasts a wide range of spectacular playwrights.

Dig in to a play by 10th century German nun Hrosvitha. Her plays are hilarious, good fun. Makes for great party conversation!

Free Night of Theatre! Or weigh in on the case for live movies!

Have you read any of these top-ten most produced plays of the 2008 season? (Shakespeare doesn’t count, and neither does seeing the movie version of ‘Doubt!‘)

Or, if you’re aching to do something outside of the box, look around your own hometown for an opportunity to help support a V-Day production. I mean, really, theatre is just an actor and an audience, right?

Speaking of actor and audience, how about finding a way to see this year’s hottest ticket performance? Your chance to be part of one of the greatest theatre pieces in history!