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Alphabet soup

This is perfect soup weather. I’ve collected a healthy serving of delicious alphabets: please help yourself.

Letters written in bookshelves, trucks, and wire hooks.

An Abecedarian poem by Miss Rumphius, and another by Robert Pinsky.

Ways to learn your letters: from Delitiae mathematicae et physicae – Der mathematischen und philosophischen Erquickstunden, Dritter Theil or Kermit the Frog.

The alphabet in a chart.

Books about the ABCs: a bit about Ron Silliman’s third installmant of Ketjak, and an excerpt from Roy Blount Jr.’s new book Alphabet Juice. A whole book of letters in 3D (via Miss Rumphius).

On a blog called Alphabet Juice, I discovered that Twain used the word “googling” in Huckleberry Finn to describe the way milk comes out of a jug (via Maud Newton). You can explore other bloggers’ bookshelves: Language Hat writes on Mikael Parkvall’s Limits of Language, Mercurius Politicus marvels at the technology of bookshelves, and surely by now you’ve seen the Sorted Book Project.

Mmm. I am also rather enamored of the history of New York subway fonts (via The Gothamist). But I shall leave fonts to another entry. For now, let’s begin with A, B, C (via SwissMiss).