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Big Week

Highlights of the past week:

1. Saw a play that was gloriously polyglot (Sanskrit, ASL, spoken English, and emailing) in its exploration of how/if we bridge each other, and whether what’s lost offsets the reach. It brought up the lovely idea of waiting in a language as one does in a room.

2. Spent Saturday, the Day of the Dead, waiting in a cheerful 3-hour line with my 13-month-old son so that he could pull the lever [touch the screen] for Obama. By the end he had only one sock, the clattery window blinds along the unending hall were permanently askew, and another woman had to listen to “The Eye Book” (“My eyes see. I see you and you see me.”) six times while she filled out her absentee ballot. Dear dead, we do our best.

3. Found a blog on poetry and motherhood that knocked my socks off.

4. O Halloween! Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum is freaking incredible. It tells the story of a man turning into a zombie, as a journal in haiku. Here’s one:

Little old ladies

speed away in their wheelchairs,

frightened meals on wheels.