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A Lewis Hyde Sampler


A terrific write-up on Lewis Hyde appeared last Friday in the NY Times Magazine–absolutely worth a visit. On Thursday, he spoke with the KR student associates (many with an inclination toward a future in publishing) about some of his current research on intellectual property and the creative commons–bending the general topic at the end of his lecture to include some thinking on literary publishing, ownership and use of creative work. It felt, in many ways, a true gift.

A week earlier I had been visiting a friend in New York who works at Random House, and was given a copy of the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of Lewis Hyde’s book The Gift. I already had it, but was happy to have another copy to share with someone as yet unsuspecting….

Some gifts, then, for you:

Read Hyde’s addition to the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of The Gift, “Being Good Ancestors: Reflections on Arts Funding Since World War II,” first published in the Winter 2008 KR.

Read a project description from Hyde’s website on his cultural commons research and upcoming book.

A video of Robert Hass speaking on the importance of The Gift at the 2007 Poets Forum from the Academy of American Poets.

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The Kenyon Review Associates Program provides Kenyon students with valuable experience in literary editing, publishing, and programming. KR Associates work closely with Kenyon Review staff, gaining valuable experience in a number of editing, publishing, and programming areas including manuscript evaluation, publicity and marketing, copy editing, developing web site and social media content, outreach programming, event planning and promotion, and other creative and editorial projects

KR Associates attend regular seminars conducted by Kenyon Review editorial staff, visiting readers, and publishing industry professionals. These seminars cover a wide range of topics including editorial philosophy, evaluation of submissions, print and electronic production, marketing, and design.

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Requirements and Expectations

  • Submission Evaluation: All Associates are required to read and evaluate eight Kenyon Review submissions per week. Associates who are not able to complete their weekly submission assignments for more than two weeks in a row may not be allowed to continue in the program.
  • Trainings and Seminars: In-person attendance is mandatory at all trainings and seminars. We plan on scheduling six to eight seminars per semester, and most will take place on Thursdays during common hour.
  • Literary Engagement: Associates are expected to participate in literary events on campus and throughout the local community.

Application Details

The application deadline for the 2023-24 program has passed. Applications for the 2024-25 program will open in the fall of 2024. Please check back then for more details.

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