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(Almost) Goodbye to All That


We moved from New York City to Northern Michigan this week. It’s a testing the waters move: my partner and I love the city but may love it from afar just as well. So after months of planning we sublet our place. We packed up the car and drove to Niagara just as the market plunged.

My favorite part was not Niagara falling but the just-before: rocks cutting up a confusion. Trees trying to grow just at the point where the world breaks.

I’ve set up in the top floor of our rental to regain some ground after all the attention to driving, bullshit campaign rhetoric, bailouts, and baseball. Laura Jensen’s Memory is first on my plate. One poem each day. This speed was possible in New York, but I’d lost some control of a golden reading rhythm, there. Now that I’m out of a season of proofreading and firing up my Mac to hyper-read, Laura Jensen and others will get some finer attention. Reading one poem per day puts a terrific burden on each poem in a book. It sounds obvious. Now I feel it. Reader, reborn.

[Photo courtesy of Paul Fugelsang]