September 18, 2008KR BlogUncategorized

Yes, Acrostics

Kickball is everywhere, or at least here. At night I walk through the park, into the hive of playfields, four games going and the red balls everywhere, co-ed teammates cheering each other on, the park’s new game lights blindingly safe–every year the league grows. It still turns a school-age knot in my stomach, though not as bad as dodgeball, but they seem to be having fun. Why this return to school games? My aunt visited from Fresno last week, where kickball is not on the docket, and was puzzled by all this retro team spirit.
So I couldn’t tell her that I’ve been writing acrostics. A friend started it; she and her husband make up acrostics to each other in bed at night, a more social Sudoku for writers. The group of us are in our own little kickball league, or wiki, and now we’re all writing acrostics. They’re addictive, they pull you along, and for me are just enough form to thwart my intentions without turning into nonsense. Is that what they love about kickball? When I first learned about acrostics in elementary school it was miserable, especially as they came right after those humiliating snowman poems. The adjectives we pinned to each letter of our given names would take a few years to undo, but isn’t that how most of us come to writing, caught up in the undoing, the do-overs? Maybe I’m making too much of it. Time for another acrostic.