September 18, 2008KR BlogUncategorized

Funniest Sentence Ever?

This week at the New York Times’ book blog, “Paper Cuts,” David Kelly hosted a very entertaining forum on the funniest book ever written. (Which worked nicely as a kind of rhetorical question, since everyone confirmed what everyone already knew: It’s Lucky Jim. I mean, how could a book w/ Philip Larkin as the model for its wry protagonist possibly lose?) But it made me wonder: What’s the funniest sentence ever written? “In the Beginning, there was the Word” (John 1:1)? “The fundamentals of our economy are strong” (John McCain)? If you like, write in and let us know. Add it to the comments below, and I’ll post it next week.

First, I’ll give you mine. It’s from George Orwell’s “Marrakech”:
“Gazelles are almost the only animals that look good to eat when they are still alive, in fact, one can hardly look at their hindquarters without thinking of mint sauce.”

If you can find a funnier, conciser [sic] sentence, go for it. I have my doubts….