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Spotted: Oni Buchanan, Darcie Dennigan, and Abraham Smith on a roof in New York City. Ms. Buchanan is working on poems courting text msgs, using only letters without ascenders or descenders. Ms. Dennigan, formerly of Los Angeles and now of Rhode Island, read her wild “Orienteering in the Land of the New Pirates,” which you must find, here. And Mr. Smith, tea-potting himself over the microphone, poured whim man mammon from his bright green shirt.

While slipping through one of the New York Public Library’s copies of the Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry (Second Edition), between Edgar Bowers on page 190 and Robert Creeley on page 223: ten pages of A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton included. O pulpy error! Half-expecting J.D. McClatchy to swoop in and rip the pages.


Radiohead filled Liberty Park, and Thom Yorke sang one of my favorite lines, “why so green and lonely” as the Statue of Liberty looked out. There is no doubt for me: this is the music of our time, sussed out of an Oxford quiet.

“We are being buried beneath the weight of information which is being confused with knowledge,” says Tom Waits. Not today, Mr. Waits! Today I’m the silver surfer, able to track my favorite bloggies, bits, and bytes without feeling too googly. There is Alan Gilbert’s crush note for Sylvia Plath & Jay-Z over at Harriet. And here: Catie Rosemurgy‘s new poem about this rotten and delicious apple.