A Footnote on Moral Turpitude

As if the case of Sebastian Horsley couldn’t get stranger. A recent piece (dare we call it opinion or reporting?) in the New York Times (and no wonder they don’t have room for serious journalism or more literary reviews with this taking up space) offers some clarification as to why Horsley was barred from entry into the United States. Moral turpitude may have been the reason, but what, pray tell, was the inciting incident? A hat. This, in fact, is the hat in question:

I, too, think Oscar Wilde should always be in fashion. However, there are limits even for an avowed dandy. From criminal breaches of the border to criminal breaches of fashion, I suppose we can say Horsley keeps busy. As the latest NYTimes article points out “given how many of today’s outrageous memoirs are proving to be frauds, Mr. Horsley might be grateful to the Customs office for lending some credence to his claims.”