February 9, 2008KR BlogUncategorized

I Give Them Steinbeck; They Give Me YouTube

Two weeks ago, I introduced my 9th grade students to John Steinbeck, in particular “Of Mice and Men.” As I figured, interest level varied: some of the more literary types devoured the book (the sections we read, anyway); some of the more restless types didn’t much care until chapters 5 and 6; and some checked out early on, claiming to find no connection with George and Lennie whatsoever. What I didn’t figure on was that quite a few of them would spend quite some time pouring overYouTube interpretations of the book.

Who knew Steinbeck’s masterpiece would look like this?

Or this?

Or“what is this?

Mr. Steinbeck is probably rolling around in his grave, but I hope he can be consoled with the idea that the kids are in on the joke. They spent hours with different visions of the book. I bet even Stephen King can’t claim that kind of fan base.