December 16, 2007KR BlogUncategorized

Sunday Funnies: ‘Bookalicious!’

My favorite place to shop for Christmas presents? The book store. Not only are there great books and other goodies, but there’s a whole section of magazines offering a plethora of wonderful opportunities for gift subscriptions. (The gift that gives all year!) Sometimes I mill around in the book store and am simultaneously awed

by the number of books, and the repeated ‘decline of the book!’ articles, blogs, and NPR news flashes. Yesterday, however, I was heartened after walking through a group of gawky high schoolers hanging out in the D’s of literature. Who were they checking out? None other than Dostoevsky! The conversation went something like this:

Gawky Boy 1 (To boy 3): Crime and Punishment is, like, the best ever dude.

Gawky Boy 2: (To boy 3): Yeah, man. Dostoevsky is the guy who got existentialism started. It’s right up your alley.

Gawky Boy 3: (Inspecting Crime and Punishment) No, I want to read it. It looks great.

Gawky Boy 4: I read Brothers Karamazov last year. That book is his best one. It’s got murder and redemption and all that stuff, but it’s like, so spiritual. It reminded me of that civil war story.

Gawky Boy 2: Red Badge of Courage? I love that book.

Gawky Boy 3: I haven’t read that either. Is it good?

Gawky Boy 2: Duuude! That book is awesome! You have got to read it. It’s a really short book–maybe a couple hours. Everyone should read that book. It’s so relevant, man. I’m serious.

Gawky Boy 1: I’ve got a copy at home I can loan you–totally.

I wonder, though–is this an example of teens rediscovering literature, or is it some kind of freaky, new peer-pressure tactic? You know what I say? Read this. . . or else. All the cool kids are readin’ it.