December 14, 2007KR BlogUncategorized

Bookclub Check-in: Mailer’s ‘The Castle in the Forest’

Having trouble getting through our Norman Mailer pick for December, because ‘reading books gives you headaches’? Here are a few gems:

“All the while, he fought against falling in love with his wife.”

“For even as physicists presently assume to their scientific confusion that light is both a particle and a wave, so do devils live in both the lie and the truth, side by side, and both can exist with equal force.”

“There was so much he would have told his son. If only they could have confided in each other. It made Alois sad.”

“His wife, who had been weeping beside him, began to beat herself on the breast. ‘God is here!’ she screamed, ‘God is here! God has saved you!'”

“I will confess that I remain enough of a devil to feel no great sympathy.”

Looking forward to hearing where you’re at and what you think!