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We’ve been anxious over this since the blog began.

It’s one of our favorite things to worry about, isn’t it? The expiration of The Book as we know it?

Well, check out what Amazon’s advertising on its homepage: The Kindle.

Watch Toni Morrison and Neil Gaiman extol its virtues.

I think the lack of backlighting is its strongest feature, but it still lacks a color screen. Are they trying to cater to those of us most hesitant to replace paperbacks? The video sure sells it hard: it’s just like a book, but it’s a whole lot of books all in one. This isn’t like marketing an iPod; book readers are trickier.

And that video certainly isn’t targeting a young, hip audience. I’m not especially wowed. Ten dollars for a novel onscreen seems like a pretty steep price. Newspapers are “automatically delivered” to it every morning, but isn’t enough?

How scared are we? On a scale of one to ten?