November 18, 2007KR BlogUncategorized

Sunday Funnies: Coffee With . . .

I’ve long kept in my diary a list of people–mostly writers and jazz musicians— that I’d like to have coffee with. Imagine my surprise, then, at discovering this little display at the bookstore yesterday while I was purchasing my swanky new copy of Norman Mailer‘s The Castle in the Forest for the Kenyon Review Blog Bookclub.

The display carried several little books that imagine conversations with various public figures. I admit, I only skimmed through a few, but was happy to see one of my listees, Groucho! I think my friend Samantha Simpson has imagined many a coffee conversation between herself and the comedian. I still remember the talk show days of Tom Snyder, and then Whoopi Goldberg. Similar to Charlie Rose’s program, these hosts had one guest and chatted with that guest for an hour, usually over coffee and cigarettes. One of my favorite past times is imagining who I might have coffee with–what we’ll talk about–how the conversation will go. A Kenyon Young Writers Alum sent me a letter, and in it she talks about fantasizing about the future–mostly conversations she’ll have with Charlie Rose about her writing. Secretly, I’d like that job. Well, no secret now. Coffee and writer talk? Nothing better than that. I invite you to share your imagined ‘coffee talk’ here!