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Take Two

Alexandre DumasMove over, D’Artagnan, Monte Cristo, and Balsamo–the lost Alexandre Dumas novel The Last Cavalier will be released by Pegasus in October, reports Publishers Weekly. The book was found in the National Library in Paris two years ago by Dumas expert Claude Schopp, who also added a conclusion to the unfinished novel. The book, published in France in 2005 as Le Chevalier de Sainte-Hermine, “gives a full account of the Battle of Trafalgar, which explains that the hero of the book was responsible for the death of Lord Nelson.” According to BBC News at the time, the novel ” has been described as ‘indescribably brilliant’ by scholars.”

Poetry Frightens Authorities in China. Reporters Without Borders announced yesterday that “the Shanghai Information Bureau ordered the shut down of a literary forum run by poet Lu Yang. “This came after the Chinese government blocked access to Israeli literary website shvoong.com for its 20,000 Chinese users at the start of July.” Reporters Without Borders condemned the act and quoted a bureau employee’s surprisingly honest answer to questions about the censorship: “All articles relating to politics, the Falungong movement or those critical of the party, that are longer than two pages, are deleted. In general, that’s how it happens. If the news posted is more frightening, we then close the forum.”