June 1, 2007KR BlogUncategorized

Thanks, Liz!

A year or so ago, the KR staff began urging me to start a literary blog on our website. What did I know from blogs? One thing seemed clear–I had to turn to someone a lot younger and a LOT more savvy about these things than I. Just about to graduate from Kenyon College was one Elizabeth Lopatto, a young woman who had been a part of the KR family as an associate and an intern. This was a way to keep her engaged, even as she moved to New York, and to make use of her considerable talents.

What a great year it’s been! The KR blog has been far more successful than anyone dreamed, reaching tens of thousands of people around the world. Liz has been a fabulous first blog editor–savvy, to be sure, and a teensy bit snarky as necessary. I’m incredibly grateful to her–and delighted that she’ll still post the occasional blog, even while meeting the demands of a tough but exhilarating day job and (shh, don’t tell her I mentioned it) working on a novel too. Wow.

So now it’s going to be up to Tyler Meier to take the lead. Tyler also has a long Kenyon and KR pedigree, but he’s been out in the world for a number of years now, among other things having earned an M.F.A. in creative writing. I think you’ll see a different style, a different voice from Liz, but that’s as it should be. And we will continue to try and be both creative and innovative as the world of literary communication also continues to change.