June 6, 2007KR BlogUncategorized

Take Two

Virtual Iliad. While we we’ve been debating the relative pros and cons of technology in lit land, the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies has been scanning the oldest known copy of Homer’s Iliad, which is located in Venice’s Public Library of St. Mark. How cool is that? Wired reports that the scan required specialized technology to protect the fragile manuscript, including using “a laser scanner on a robot arm to make a 3-D scan of the pages.” The team still needs to transcribe the scan into XML. Ultimately, the work will be accessible online through the Homer Multitext Project. [Tip o’ the hat to JP for the lead.]

“You look like your book jacket!” That’s Oprah commenting on Cormac McCarthy’s “neatly pressed blue–possibly denim–collared shirt and tan pants,” according to NewWest.net’s Jenny Shank. Shank offers this minute-by-minute lowdown on Winfrey’s interview with the elusive McCarthy yesterday.