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Short Takes

I don’t remember if I linked this or not but I liked the book so much that I’m going to risk linking to this twice: the first chapter of Then We Came to the End.

A few words of advice about perjury.

“Nathan Englander’s first book, the story collection For the Relief of Unbearable Urges, was published in 2000 to enormous critical and popular acclaim. For nearly a decade, he’s been working on his first novel, a heart-rending family drama that takes place during Argentina’s Dirty War, while also looking back to an earlier period when Buenos Aires’ Jewish community included–but refused to recognize–a busy underworld of pimps and prostitutes.

On Wicca, and other invented belief systems. And on a similar note: seriously, Saul Bellow? Also for all of you who call me a cynic (you know who you are): I’m totally on top of negative thinking. Guess what? It might be good for me.

Quinn Norton has sixth sense removed so that she can more easily write her book proposal.

Novelty plus dread equals overreaction.”

And what would you like for breakfast, Tom?

An analysis of the book porn phenomenon.