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Short Takes

New Flannery O’Connor letters unveiled.

Slightly relatedly: misfit stories.

“Few can doubt that Western medicine has been a phenomenal success.”

The Danish are coming! The Danish are coming!

“Any real limits on Donne’s advancement stemmed less from the discreet continuation of his Catholicism – he was, in fact, coming to believe that overzealous Papists bore the chief blame for their own persecution – than from true love.”

Publishers, it turns out, are not so good at anticipating what the market wants.

From the dep’t of totally obvious science: the face is what attracts your mate.

“What if, like our planet, the Universe is also ‘curved’ (in a fourth dimension) and doesn’t have an edge, so that if we travelled for long enough our path could sweep out every cubic inch of its content, and never come to an outside wall?”

Writing in English, minus the accent.

“When members of the National Book Critics Circle recently picketed the Atlanta Journal-Constitution – protesting the elimination of its book review editor – a war of words broke out between book reviewers and literary bloggers.”

Bat Segundo strikes again.