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Short Takes

The language of lolcatskitteh pidgin. Bonus: lolbrarians (via Language Log, which is valiantly resisting lolguistics).

Canaries in a coalmine: “Like it or not, the indicator species for American daily journalism is the book review. Newspapers were cutting book coverage before the current flurry, among other places in Detroit, San Jose and Boston. Without exception, losing their book pages failed to stanch either reader loss or red ink. Were these papers already in trouble before they started cutting book coverage? Of course, but what did their publishers expect by further alienating people who like to read — the one constituency no newspaper can survive without?”

Bookworms on the road, take note.

Guess which Southern Catholic novelist this is: “I have some Ohio friends. I just like the way they talk. They don’t talk, they tock. Well, nothing personal, not even against the state. I can’t imagine anything more American than Ohio and Ohioans. It’s a partial balancing of the scales too. Usually Mississippians and Georgians are getting it from everybody, and Alabamians. So, what’s wrong with making smart-aleck remarks about Ohio? Nobody puts Ohio down. Why shouldn’t I put Ohio down?” (Hint: It’s not Flannery)

Older and wiser, fine. But what’s wisdom?

“I drink quite heavily, smoke a lot of dope, take loads of downers and don’t really have many friends. I expect I will have even fewer by the end of the book. Especially among the readers.”

Erotic hotline to help out troubled library. Yes, really.

Better than Ezra… Pound? (“Aha! It was good!”)