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Short Takes

Doesn’t Rager Media sound like it was started by–hm–a bunch of rugby players? (LORDS!)

“Cruelty can be righteously opposed, eventually dismissed. A freewheeling carelessness with your cares is something else again. It must teach you a sad self-sufficiency, being fathered like that, and a brutal reticence of the heart. A reluctance to get going at all.”

Spock: an evolutionary impossibility? Also: the future of brains. Maybe.

A literary guide to the Second City (via Bookslut). Also, a short history of Chicago street food (thanks, Tyler!).

“Paradoxically, and perhaps shrewdly, the terms in which Arendt criticised Fascism came to inform her criticisms of Zionism, though she did not and would not conflate the two.”

How important are reviews, really?

“By the end I’d learned precisely nothing about ‘thinking without thinking’ except that in future I’d avoid making any impulse book-buying decisions. Particularly ones that benefit Malcolm Gladwell.”

In Iowa, we stand in neighboring corn fields and holler.

In case you have to brush up on your verbal aggression (perhaps because you are a rugby player and/or working at Rager Media?).

The haves and have nots.