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Short Takes

It’s not that Yeats is beyond me, it’s just that Auden is better.

“I’ve just won the Pulitzer and you’re sending me to Buffalo?” Too soon, Shafer, too soon.

One of those silly British words.

“Maybe American authors do have difficulty writing about class and mass culture. Or maybe American publishers don’t think the reading public is interested in these topics. Or maybe the definition of ‘Best of Young American Novelists’ is naturally a limiting descriptor.”

Yes, and about finishing novels

“The two V??clavs, it can be said, represent two poles of the broad Czech democratic center.”

Children and young adults “bests.”

Ed has a little bone to pick.

“Martin Amis excels at descriptions of creepy men–sweaty misogynists, soused lowlifes, and thugs.” (Via Books Inq)