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Short Takes

“I wanted to make a piece that was beyond judgment. For example, if you go and you see the Sistine Chapel you don’t say, ???Oh, I don’t like it.’ It’s irrelevant whether you like it or not. Whether it’s good or bad is irrelevant, it simply stands as a testament to human achievement. When I was in Europe traveling around I went to see the L??ger Museum and the Matisse Chapel and Picasso’s house. And I so longed to see that kind of achievement having been made by a woman.”

Jesus, that’s depressing. Write and let them know how depressing.
The difference between musicians and scientists: scientists are just pleased that you thought to send them a copy of the article, even it it’s a week late. Musicians won’t take “it hasn’t been published yet” for an answer.

Instant poetry with Paul Muldoon (et al).

Mediabistro on FoxNews’s Vonnegut obit, arguably the best response to it I’ve read.

Hamlet’s hidden meaning.

Perhaps not quite the BEST books about forgetting, but certainly some damn good ones.

Reports of mindreading somewhat exaggerated by the BBC.

“Exactly how the interaction between conscious and unconscious information occurs, and the exact function of the streams, is still a mystery.