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Short Takes

Oh my God, Law and Order is going to rule the world.

“Ezra smiled, seemingly oblivious to having his family turned into a caricature of smug, bourgeois contentment by the narrator.”

Bloomsbury has gone digital. Google was not involved.

“In the wonderland realm described by Einstein’s theory of special relativity, simultaneity generally proves to be an illusion, but in the world of publishing, two good studies of the same subject will often appear at roughly the same time.”

Trailer for movie version of Atonement, and an explanation of why so many novels never hack it in Hollywood (for the best, I imagine. Can you even wrap your head around a movie version of She Came To Stay, for instance?)

Library porn (safe for work). More library porn (also safe for work).

“Together with a close-knit band of former beauty-academy students, Rodriguez presides over what is perhaps the world’s only high-end hair salon that is guarded by a gunman and heated by a sooty woodstove, with top-of-the-line beauty products stored in a chilly metal shipping container perched atop a mud-brick wall in the weedy yard.”

Did she or didn’t she? We won’t know till we read her diary. And maybe not even then.

“Is there a group in Britain more feared, resented and adored than the modern non-aligned teenager? They booze and shop and fornicate like the unfettered adult id.”