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Short Takes

OH MY GOD WHAT IS WITH THE SQUIRREL SUIT? (original version of the verse here–special thanks to Anne for bringing this to my attention!)

“While Jonathan Swift’s satirical writing has survived as long as it has because he’s considered a master of the style, I can’t stop myself from thinking that ‘The Lady’s Dressing Room’ is one of the most boyish, immature things I’ve ever read, thanks to the fascination with the disgusting and the ‘girls are gross’ thesis.” (I totally love this poem. I’d never before read the reply)

The too-much-is-published/not-enough-is-published debate.

The British lit market: More Sancho Panza than Don Quixote.

The remarkable brains of the blind.

Currently the only photo hanging on my wall is of the man whose biography is here. This is obviously unworthy of the fabulous complexity that was Wittgenstein’s life, and I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend Ray Monk’s The Duty of Genius, a fine intellectual biography–perhaps the finest I’ve read (Wittgenstein’s Poker is only okay).

Perseverance gets you farther than you might think.

Exactly who is buying those Coelho books, and why?

A big ask (no, the “K” is not a typo).

Has someone posted this to Something Awful yet?

Previously unpublished Primo Levi (!) on Nextbook.

“Tom has his first fish of the day: a red snapper, very good to eat.”