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Short Takes

“The suggestion is that something Rosenberg calls ‘the principle of natural selection’ is actually a fundamental physical law. Natural selection, according to him, is not a statistical consequence of the operation of many other physical (or perhaps higher-level) laws, as most philosophers of biology believe. Rather, it is a new and fundamental physical law to be added to those already revealed by chemistry and physics.” (via AL Daily)

Every white blouse / is an expression of faith

“I’m all for poets learning about ‘ethics and politics and science and philosophy,’ but they should do so by reading ethical philosophers and scientists, not by piggybacking these subjects onto courses on the writing of poetry and fiction.” Preach it!

A preview of the summer.

Liar’s Poker, by the way, is an actual game (from whence the book takes its title).

A lovely little short story, courtesy The New Yorker.

While it’s unethical to create a crowd stampede to test your theory, a model might do in a pinch.

“Your reputation is everything here at the Times, and if you want get known, you’ve got to deliver what readers want: differences between men and women, and photos of cats.”