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Short Takes

I’ve gotta give the edge to Dennett on this one, though I kind of don’t want to. Fodor is right to question evolutionary psychology, but the grounds on which he’s questioning it are kind of… goofy.

“There comes a point in many a person’s life when things that Nietzsche said begin to make good sense.” (via Books Inq)

“Yet, however accommodating it is to see the concentration camp, or mental illness, as the explanation, the real causes for Primo Levi’s death remain fugitive, because the suffering of those who kill themselves is private and inaccessible.”

Brains and economics.

This cat’s obit ran in more papers than mine will.

I wish Kimball had followed this thought out a bit farther. I think I will probably see if I can find that book.

May will be short story month. Gird your loins, etc.

“The easier it becomes for an author to reach her/his audience directly, the greater is the danger of publisher-as-duenna and the larger the toll-booth scenario looms.”

The student loan scandal has entered the presidential race (yes, really). (via an Inside Higher Ed article which is very much worth reading)