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Short Takes

Girls in college: a subject of constant fascination. (via AL Daily)

Lighting and volcanoes: closer than Zeus and Hephaestus ever thought.

“You don’t look gullible, but you are.”

Oprah [hearts] Cormac. I’m sure Cormac is thrilled.

Dear English majors graduating in 2007: Don’t be so sure about those publishing jobs

“I approached Death of a Murderer with some trepidation.”

Usually I ignore The New York Sun. That being said, I enjoyed this review.

Twinkies’ PR people are apparently more difficult than you’d ever imagine.

The importance of being Ernest (or Pete, or Bill, or Steve).

Lethem, the ante’s been upped: “You’ve written a Booker and Orange Prize-shortlisted novel, which also won the Scottish Book of the Year award. Directors and agents are hammering at your door for the stage rights. This, surely, is your chance at the big time. So what do you do? Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? You snub the professionals, and give the rights to a bunch of Lewisham schoolkids.”

Dan Brown sucked on his own merits, a court finds.

In somewhat related news: God’s away, God’s away, God’s away on business, business. Just one of those nights, you know.