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Short takes

Benjamin Percy is awarded The Paris Review‘s Plimpton Prize for his short story “Refresh, Refresh.” Quite a way to pay for daycare. And he didn’t even have to split it into thirds.

The Millions presents previews for fresh works by McEwan, Murakami, and others. Anne Fernald calls Don Delillo’s new book “wonderful… excellent but not the very, very best of his work.” What a recommendation!

Geoffrey Hill’s Without Title has arrived in the U.S. after a long struggle to get here, though England embraced this book. [via the Literary Saloon]

“When writers die, their work lives on – and their papers go to Texas.”

When it comes to their own work, do authors know best? Kundera requests drawer-diggers and “biografiends” leave well enough alone. “Life is short,” he says.

It’s so short, sometimes a son must finish his father’s life’s work. If that’s not touching, I don’t know what is.

“He is very meticulous and likes to document his life in different moments. He just had the idea that he wanted to have a picture with a black eye.”

If the apocalypse is coming, you’d better believe Oprah’s the first to talk about it on television.