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Short Takes

Ian McEwan, excerpted in The Guardian.

Lobbying for copyright reform? Hardly. I doubt that I would want my family’s medical records available for any person to read. Personal information–like medical records–remains personal unless the family should release it, and it seems from this case that it wasn’t released, hence the lawsuit. And if the New Yorker piece wasn’t a blatant hatchet job, I don’t know what is. (Interestingly, no one is giving major play to Stephen James Joyce’s complaint–possibly true– that “The Joyce family’s privacy has been invaded more than that of any other writer in this century.”)

“Occasionally I get asked who is the most charismatic person I’ve interviewed, and, for the past 14 years, I’ve given the same answer: Garry Kasparov.”

Why the long tail matters to authors.

The New York Times explains what might, to the naked eye, look like plagiarism. Ed isn’t buying it.

“I repeat: Publishers! What are you thinking? I mean it – I’d love to know.”

Michiko Kakutani gives a rare gift: the gently negative review. No slicing and dicing this time–rather refreshing.

“A revolutionary, anti-rationalist movement in art and literature that emerged out of Dada during the First World War, Surrealism rejected consumerism while aiming to achieve a deeper and truer grasp of reality through the exploration of dreams and the unconscious.”