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Short Takes

Critical Mass takes the NYTRB to task for a poor choice of a reviewer.

“I don’t know why all the people are so pissed at Professor Socrates! They say he’s corrupting us, but it’s really them that are corrupt. I know some people resent his aggressive style, but that’s part of the dialectic. Kudos to you, Professor Socrates, you’ve really changed my way of thinking! Socs rocks!!” (via AL Daily)

Lethem lovefest continuing, over at–Grumpy Old Bookman?

Lionel, one of those gender-neutral names.

“Years ago, Woody Allen used to joke that he’d been thrown out of college as a freshman for cheating on his metaphysics final. ‘I looked within the soul of the boy sitting next to me,’ he confessed.”
Got some questions about branding for two brand-name authors?

“One thing most reviewers complain of – an irony if ever one existed – is that there are simply too many books.”

Internet radio will be changing, it turns out. Enjoy Pandora while it lasts.