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Short Takes

Loving Google Book Search is the new hating Google Book Search.

Yes, about arriving early

Goodness, n+1 really hates blogs.

“The poet, who had recently acquired a holiday home on Ischia in the Bay of Naples, had apparently suggested that Burgess was welcome to visit him there. En route to Italy from New York, Auden stayed, as usual, with Stephen and Natasha Spender in London.”

“Oh, that’s my mother.”

But a tablet is what you write upon, not what you eat….

Romantic or something: reading Proust to your significant other before bed.

Continuing what has apparently become Jonathan Lethem week: The zoo?

“Christopher Hampton once pointed out that they have more in common than either of them does with the stage play, because in both the novel and the film you can use that great narrative device, the close-up, which is impossible in the theatre.”