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Short Takes

I would love to see essays from people responding to any one of these questions. Litbloggers, I am looking at you.

If you’re like me, Jack Shafer is always a must-read. But this particular column is amazing. The ongoing Libby investigation is a complex issue, obviously. Shafer makes a mea culpa for mistreating the prosecution, who wanted to make sure CIA officers’ identities stayed secret without impinging on the freedom of the press–not an easy line to walk.

“Once there were two friends, literary lions who emerged from Latin America in the 1960s. They admired each other’s work and from the first moment they met in Caracas in 1967 they became inseparable. Both spent time as impoverished writers in Paris before going on to enjoy literary success, in which time they both lived in Barcelona. In their seven years there one writer, Mario, spent two years studying the masterpiece of his friend Gabriel, called One Hundred Years of Solitude. He wrote a long laudatory essay on it.” (via Maud)

More Lethem love (via fade theory). Also, Lethem is totally swoon-worthy (via Maud).

James Wood on DH Lawrence.

In short: “I hate bloggers… wait. No. I hate poorly written blogs. Actually, I hate all poorly-thought-out criticism, blog or otherwise.”

Best Camille Paglia parody ever.

In other, better words: “Knew when to stop, too — didn’t cut the pages. But what do you want? What do you expect?”

Now: misdiagnosis equals malpractice. Then: misdiagnosis equals… poetry?

Orwell on how to make money writing.

And for you Darwin obsessives out there…

Oh, and PS: Happy Pi Day!