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Short Takes

“Sir John Tusa transformed the Barbican. I know this to be true because he tells us so himself, several times, in this book.”

Seriously, this awards crap is getting out of hand. Don’t believe me? Check out “Best Novel (Adapted)” nominees.

In defense of reading like a professor.

“In fact, in the ’60s and ’70s, courts declared that colleges were no longer in loco parentis, or surrogate parents. Rather, 18-year-olds were to be considered full-fledged adults who were responsible for their own behavior. That’s news, however, to some of the current generation of ‘helicopter’ parents, who expect colleges to be involved in nearly every aspect of their children’s well-being.”

Michiko Kakutani limns again (third graf). Sometimes New York Magazine is so on the money, it’s sick.

Illiterate teenagers buying books in record numbers.

A weather report.

Don’t say ‘goodbye,’ he’s just leaving early.

“She lives in New York with two roommates, whom she suspects of sleeping with each other and ‘borrowing’ her beer.” (via Maud)

Maybe this is just gossip. It is interesting gossip nonetheless.

The business model for book review sections.

Richard Dawkins: no sense of humor, proportion. (via Bookslut)

About studying literature in Estonia