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Short Takes

“There are…no legitimate reasons why books in the humanities should be difficult or boring; wisdom does not require a specialized vocabulary or syntax.”

New Panda Bear video (not to be confused with video of panda bears).

“That was one of the great perks of being a writer. You could stay young until 40: it was official; Granta said so. How we writers enjoyed mocking gymnasts – yes, you can do bendy things and win gold medals at the Olympics, but by 17 you’re already old.”

Iggy Pop makes being old the new being young. Or something.

Behind the scenes of theatre (the thing we used to go to before the movies).

You can buy anything these days as long as you are willing to pay for it.

God, the lede on this obit is an embarrassment. Um, and rest in peace, Jean.

“Since a year with its 54 Wednesdays has passed, I will discuss the names of the months.”

So which one of you wants to buy me the new Colm T??ib??n book?

Surprise, surprise: faces are special.

“And what on earth makes you think I’m interested in the opinion of young shags like you? Bugger off now, and a very good afternoon to you.” (Also: “‘All the colleges in the novel are named after beers,’ notes Zachary Leader in passing, though it might be truer to say they’re named after beers Amis held in no great regard.”)