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Unloved Ohio, My Foot.

I, too, have often found solace in Ohio. But Ohio is far from unloved, Mr. Weiland. I know this is The New York Times, but let’s not condescend. To evoke only the Bible-thumping and the junkyards is to betray that you have not been paying attention during your visits. There are many beautiful traditions in these so-called backwaters, and many kind people. You’ve opened a thoughtful review with lazy, disingenuous writing, and you, of all people, ought to know better.

Also, Ohio doesn’t qualify as a backwater (which see: Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland) unless you’re a snob from the New York greater metropolitan area–which, by the way, most Americans aren’t. You might try a state without a city: Iowa, for example, could use the press, especially since no one knows where it is or whether it’s the corn state or the potato state (It’s corn).

Further, you can even swap “Ohio” for “Iowa” in your hackneyed “aw shucks, look at the authenticity of flyover country” clich??, and the paragraph will stand totally unchanged, except that you’ve probably annoyed fewer people, as the population of Iowa is smaller than that of Ohio.

And for future reference: if you’re trying to make a clever play on the tradition of Arcadia, you might just pop in a little Latin.