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Short Takes

Gawker exposes the inner workings of The New York Times‘ Book Review section.

Wait, wait! The WORD is the problem?” I think America might have bigger problems to worry about.

Cuba, not so much with the freedom of press thing.

“It would be nice to think that men didn’t still require the same hero figure to hold their hand through the pages of a book in adulthood.”

A guide for the lazy.

“Jumbled memories of a drug-fuelled weekend in Singapore are reassembled in a series of long, virtuoso sentences from which all punctuation has drained in the sheer rush of events.”

Writing about transgressive sex in the largest Muslim country in the world.

“Greatness in a writer can only be awarded posthumously. Let them snuff it first, I say. Then we’ll decide.”

In the words of the immortal ABBA: Gimme gimme gimme a Kafka after midnight.

I’m with Dr. Barnes on this one. Renoir > Matisse.

Look, if these kids were stupid enough not to treat Wikipedia as a beginning of research (ie, so that one knows where to look when one does the serious research), they deserve their F’s. (via Books Inq)
About William and Henry James… (via Books Inq)

In the wake of the Oscars: “The eighteenth-century Scottish philosopher David Hume spent years hoping to convince his readers that sequence does not necessarily imply causality, but I would guess that he didn’t get very far with such contemporary narrative artists as Henry Fielding and Samuel Richardson (although Laurence Sterne, the proto-modernist prankster of “Tristram Shandy,” may have been listening).”

We are all learning how to live.