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Short Takes

Stalinist literature for the capitalist masses.

Mr. Boolos seems to be objecting to self-reference. I vote we quine him, or perhaps explore alternative logic systems, under which we abandon the law of the excluded middle. I’m not saying they’re right–who knows?–but exploring them certainly can’t hurt.

Books still necessary for political cred; ghostwriters probably still necessary for such books.

It’s difficult for small presses to compete with large presses… for review space?

If only.

“Nor does it find austere beauty in their humble circumstances. (Mr. Vollmann took the book’s raw, abrasive photographs himself, and he is most assuredly no Walker Evans.) Nor does it even have a clear purpose of its own.”

Ahem. About those fantasies

“What was missing from the British Chatto & Windus edition was a passage in which Miriam Anissimov, a biographer of Primo Levi, suggested that N??mirovsky was a self-hating Jew.”

Congratulations to our own Roy Kesey–the story originally appeared in our pages in Fall 2006, and has been selected by Stephen King for Best American Short Stories.