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Short Takes

“It is a law of physics that no two physical bodies can occupy the same point in space at the same time. Thus, when your train arrives, always let passengers off the train before you get on. This is no situation to be messing with physics…. It is always rude to bleed near someone, especially in a crowded train station. If you find yourself bleeding while waiting for the subway, excuse yourself.”

Fiction’s not dead either, but you don’t see me gloating about it. Oh, wait.

Jessa squeals with delight.

“It is now almost a platitude to say that Tony Blair has become the president’s poodle. But that won’t stop me repeating it several times because it’s the first resort for every self-regarding iconoclastic hack who can’t resist shooting fish in a barrel.”

“University literature departments have long ceased to be (if they ever were, except in the creative writing programs and the literary magazines many such programs sponsored) the centers of serious literary criticism (criticism of literature, not criticism that happens to include literature as a target of theoretical or cultural analysis).”

A touchy subject, any way you slice it (via Conversational Reading)

Even a short War and Peace is 1,000 pages, thank you.

The problems of predicting Ma Nature.

Poetry, in the process of dying a long death if some are to be believed, goes back to its roots.

Perky Pat comes to life (via Books Inq).

Ok, so “cherchez une action” doesn’t have the same ring as “cherchez la femme.” In fact, I’m not even sure it’s a phrase that makes sense, as I don’t speak French.

And a foreign-language-related footnote: I am apparently not allowed to mention Kurosawa without linking to this (Thanks, Ted!). I’d like to add this in conclusion.