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Short Takes


Whatever happened to “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it“?

“Booksellers and other publishers are following the Nascar-Harlequin hookup with interest.”

Things playwrights and scientists have in common.

This is your brain on Britney. And to cleanse your palate, pretend your name is something more productive, like Roscoe.

Kissing, however, is not mandatory, though still considered lucky.

“Publishers don’t like to share numbers with the general public because, well, it would reveal that there is indeed a man behind the curtain.”

Youth literature is filled with scrotums (via Bookslut).

“Although an ardent admirer of Dennis the Menace, Vladimir Nabokov was troubled by doubts of Dennis’ legitimacy, noting that he resembled his mother but not his father.”

SciAm has a new (awesome) blog, with a new expert every week. Sweet.

I know your habits but wouldn’t recognize you yet.

“Twain had a grim side, too, of course, but throughout much of his career, he was constrained by writing for the young boys’ market.”

And for the movie buffs: Kurisawa.